The leaders of Team Exec has observed there is a gap in the Project / Product Portfolio Management Certification  Programs offered by various Institutions, Universities and Training Companies.  As former PMO Governance Leaders in the following industries; Information Technology, Infrastructure, Government and etc; our goal is to close the gap by combining text book with experiential learning with our dual (2) certification which is based on the premise of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) which is a combination of certification exam passing and work experience.   

Basically, what we are highlighting is that just because you pass the Product / Project Portfolio Management Certification Exam such as Project Management Professional (PMP) does not necessarily  mean that you are an expert in the discipline.  Team Exec  Leaders have combined the PMP Training with the Analytics Plus Project Manager (A+ PM) which is based on "Best Practices" so that students upon completion are experts at this respective level . 

The observations by the Team Exec Leaders is that sometimes individuals that have based the PMP Certification struggle with the tactical execution of projects in the evolution to become an expert.  Therefore, our training provides you with the text book knowledge in accordance with Project Management Institute (PMI) and insight into PMO Governance Analytics to facilitate fast tracking your career as a high potential resource!     



Our approach to PMP Certification is as follows: 

1. PMBOK 6.0 Manual

2. PMP Exam Questions - Text Book Application 

of Project Management Science

3. Speed, Simplicity & Self Confidence Flow Charts

4. License to Analytics Plus Project Manager (A+ PM) - Real World Application of Project Management Science

5.  Monthly Boot Camp 4 Days*  

* Begin 1st Tuesday of Each Month & 

End 4th Tuesday of Each Month


Upon completion of the 35 Hours of Training; students must register with Prometric to take the CAPM or PMP Exam.  Students will take the time constrained exam administered on the behalf of Project Management Institute (PMI).  

Students that regularly pass the exams that achieve 80% or better are ready to the CAPM or PMP Exam.

After passing the CAPM or PMP Exam you will be award a Certificate from Project Management Institute (PMI) with the appropriate designation CAPM or PMP.

Note:  Training covers Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) with Project Management Professional (PMP)


After passing the  PMP Certification the final level of training is that you will be provided a case study that you must present to the Team Exec Leader/s using the "Analytics Plus Project Manager (A+ PM)" for a final decision to determine if you are an expert at your respective functional level; capable of being innovative regardless of in-house tools to accurately forecast the budget and delivery time-frame using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) ranked #2 by Harvard Business Review (HBR).